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Scalded youngster lands free treatment

By Zhang Xiaomin (China Daily)

10:54, June 12, 2012

Holding his daughter Wang Han, Wang Qingle (second from left) expresses thanks via the broadcasting system on the plane to those who donated money or provided other help for them to fly to the United States for medical treatment. On May 14, China Southern Airlines' flight crew and passengers donated 15,080 yuan ($2,394) to Wang Han on her way from Dalian to the US. Zhang Xiaomin / For China Daily

With the help of many warm-hearted people, Wang Han, a little girl who scalded herself with boiling water 18 months ago, arrived at a children's hospital in Boston on May 16 for three months of free treatment.

"Compared with other unfortunate children, the youngster, nicknamed Hanhan, is lucky. She's received so much assistance," said her father, Wang Qingle, 33.

Wang said he had spent about 250,000 yuan ($40,000) on his daughter's treatment.

He got 30,000 yuan from selling his house but the rest was donated by local residents in Dalian, in Northeast China's Liaoning province.

Wang Han's parents divorced when she was 8 months old. She was then taken care of by her grandmother, Zhang Xizhi, at their village, Pulandian in Dalian.

One day in October 2010 Zhang was away and the 10-month-old Wang Han in a baby walker moved to a desk and dragged an electric immersion heater out from a thermos.

Boiling water poured down on to her head, chest, arms and hands.

"Every morning, when I wake up and see Hanhan lying beside me, I feel deeply sorry," Zhang told China Daily when she saw off the father and daughter at the airport in Dalian on May 14.

"How I hope there are no scars left on her face when she comes back from the United States," she said.

But Khor Bee Leng, a Malaysian now living in Dalian who arranged the US journey, said that is impossible.

"Hanhan is too young for plastic surgery. It would be ideal if just the function of her eyes, mouth, and hands are recovered," said the 52-year-old Chinese Malaysian housewife whose husband has worked in Dalian for 10 years. The devout Christian decided to raise money for Hanhan with her friends around the world when she heard the tragic tale.

"We are going to have her scars softened. Scars won't grow. We hope it will not affect the growth of her skeleton," she added.

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