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China should contribute ideas to world

(People's Daily Online)

09:13, June 11, 2012

How should China exert its cultural influence in the world?

The Chinese culture always advocates that “harmony generates all things, but oneness does not continue.” It means that only the harmonious integration of different elements can generate and grow all things of the world. For example, the beautiful music is the combination of the “six musical notes” and the delicious food is the combination of the “five flavors.” If there is only one musical note, there will be no music. That China develops its cultural influence does not mean that China pursues a unilateral cultural dominance, but means that China pursues a diversified coexistence of global cultures. The Chinese culture will be an important part of the diversified world culture and participate in solving global difficulties and creating a new spiritual world.

Then, if China wants to develop its cultural influence, what cultural content should China use to face the world and how should China use them to face the world?

Maybe China could play an advertisement on the Times Square of New York or give a wonderful overseas performance or exhibition. However, are these things the core cultural content that China should contribute to the world?

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once said that China would not turn into a great power of the world, because China did not have independent and globally-influential culture. The West also usually praised China's ancient culture but did not respect China's current culture. But, the situation changed in the 21st century when some newly-emerging “Chinese ideas” are shocking the world and being accepted by the world. For example, the conclusion proposed by some young scholars of China, “the minimum of the conflict is a necessary condition for the maximum of the interest,” has given rise to hot discussions in many international academic conferences. These “Chinese ideas” did not come from nowhere. They originate from the traditional Chinese culture, are researched and advocated by Chinese and Western scholars, and ultimately benefit the whole world.

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