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A baby business grows up

By Erik Nilsson  (China Daily)

10:09, June 08, 2012

Briton Ian Gordon and his wife Angelina Liu Fangfang had little inkling the baby yoga training they took for their unborn son Oliver in 2006 would lead to a massive business that would expand beyond China into Southeast Asia.

After training in the United Kingdom, Liu started hosting free lessons for friends in Beijing.

"After about 6 months of classes - and there were many - I realized there was a healthy niche business that we could expand on if the yoga program was developed to suit the Asian market," Gordon says.

It took about a year to develop a baby yoga program for infants from 4 weeks old to walking age, and another with four developmental stages for children ages 3-12.

The idea came to Gordon when he met the Harrow School Beijing's head of activities on a flight to the United Kingdom. He invited Gordon to teach at the school.

"I then realized there was a business model that could be expanded and was manageable, but we didn't envisage how big the business was going to get," he recalls.

Incy Wincy Yoga now serves most of the international schools in Beijing and Shanghai, as well as those in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. It will expand to Hong Kong and South Korea later this year.

"We want them to improve their focus and concentration through our classes," Gordon says.

"From studies around the world, it has been proven that kids yoga can increase a child's attention span, which has a natural effect on their behavior and academic success."

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