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Chinese is our matchmaker

(People's Daily Online)

09:36, June 06, 2012

People all know the love stories about Romeo and Juliet and the Butterfly Lovers, but who knows the love story between Luo Lan and Li Guangyu? Yes, I am the hero of this story. I am a Frenchman and my Chinese name is Luo Lan. I do not know why I have been in love with China ever since I was a kid. I was hooked on Chinese martial arts since I was 12 years old and I have been practicing it since then. After my first year in college in 2010, I came to China to study at the Nankai University for a year. I never thought that Chinese would become a matchmaker for me.

After coming to China, I made friends with a lot of students from different countries including South Korea, Japan, Russia and Greece. There was a beauty from Italy in our class and her Chinese name is Li Guangyu. She is one year younger than me. We did not fall in love at first sight and she did not like me when she first saw me. Gradually, we often spent the time together, studying, eating, dancing and singing, and sometimes getting drunk together. During the winter vacation, I invited her to travel with me. We went to Yunnan and Sichuan and toured nine cities in three weeks, visiting many attractive places. Of course, you can easily guess what happened between us in such romantic places.

For both of us, Chinese is our matchmaker. Li Guangyu and I came from different countries but we came together due to the same interests in Chinese. Was not it called fate that a beauty of Rome and a handsome boy of Marseille went to China to study Chinese, met and fell in love with each other in the same city, the same university and the same class?

Generally, lovers break up when they return home but we always love each other as ever. Although my girlfriend began learning French and I began learning Italian, we are used to communicating with Chinese, maybe because Chinese is the language we used when we first met. Therefore, both of us will feel strange if we communicate with other languages. We intend to live in China in the future and we hope our children can grow up here. I believe our children can speak Chinese much better than us.

Look, France is so close to Italy and China is so far from Europe. However, we encountered love in China because of Chinese. Thank you – Chinese! You are our matchmaker!

Read the Chinese version: 汉语是我们的红娘

Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Laurent Chircop-Reyes.


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