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Youlicheng: China's first national prison in historical records

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

16:39, June 01, 2012

Youlicheng ancient city, the birthplace of 'The Book of Changes' and the Eight Diagrams (People's Daily Online/Xue Meng)

Tangyin County, Henan, May 30 (People's Daily Online)An interviewing media group of "Experience Henan Online" visited the Youlicheng ancient city on May 31.

Situated on the open field 2 kilometers north to the Tangyin County of Henan province, Youlicheng ancient city is the first national prison recorded in the historical materials and is the origin of 'The Book of Changes' and the Eight Diagrams. Many historical stories happened here and it's now a national AAAA level of scenic spot.

Based on the historical records, Emperor Zhou, the last emperor of the Shang Dynasty, had been very cruel and inhumane to his people. After he listened to some calumny, he put Jichang into the prison. Jichang was treated very cruelly and imprisoned for seven years. During this time, he wrote 'The Book of Changes', describing his dialectic views on contradictions and changes. Now this book is often used for fortune telling. Later, people built temples to memorize Jichang, on the ruins of Youlicheng.

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