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'Sightseeing health service' in Taiwan attracts mainland tourists

By Xu Lei (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

14:50, May 30, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On May 28, led by Yeh, 16 medical teams from the National Taiwan University, Mackay Medical College, Shin Kong Group and E-Da Hospital and other organizations of Taiwan Province visited Beijing and attended the First China Beijing International Fair for Trade in Services. They introduced the "sightseeing health service" to the public in Chinese mainland and advised them to choose the multiplex tourism trip of Taiwan.

Currently, the combination of the sightseeing and medical cosmetology is very popular. Since the two sides of the Taiwan Strait have opened the sightseeing to each other, the medical cosmetology of Taiwan is very competitive in the technology, service and price compared to that of the Chinese mainland and other Asian countries and regions and therefore is very attractive to the beauty-lovers of Chinese mainland.

"According to statistics, the medical cosmetology market of the Chinese mainland has grown rapidly in recent years. There are about 3 million people receiving plastic surgeries every year in the Chinese mainland. The average annual growth rate is 10 percent, higher than the average annual growth rate of the world that is 6 percent. The growth rate has exceeded that of the South Korea and ranks first in Asia," said the vice general manager of the Taipei World Trade Center Walter Yeh.

According to sources, 100 tourism groups experienced health examinations and medical cosmetology services in Taiwan in 2011, and it is predicted that the number will triple and more than 300 tourism groups and more than 60,000 tourists of the mainland will accept medical services in Taiwan in 2012. "In the first five months of 2012, more than 20,000 tourists of Chinese mainland experienced international medical services in Taiwan," said Yeh.

"As for the health examination and medical cosmetology industry, Taiwan has the best equipment of the world and high-quality medical teams." A doctor from the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital said that, in South Korea whose medical cosmetology is famous in the world, 20 percent of the beauticians have studied in Taiwan. Even some beauticians of such countries as the United States, Thailand and India with very advanced cosmetology technologies have come to Taiwan to study. "One thing worth mentioning is that the price of Taiwan's plastic surgery is much lower than those of European countries and the United States."

"The communication between Taiwan and the mainland has no language obstacle. People of the mainland could come to Taiwan to experience its health examination and medical cosmetology services personally," Yeh said with a smile, "Come to Taiwan, and you will achieve your goals of the health, beauty and sightseeing in a single trip."

"The medical cosmetology market of the Chinese mainland has a very huge potential. In 2012, I will go to the mainland frequently to recommend the Taiwan LaserOne Clinic. In the future, we will develop in the mainland gradually," said the director of the Taiwan LaserOne Clinic.

Read the Chinese version: 台湾观光医疗热起来


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