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Cover song from Tianjin drainer becomes Internet hit

By Zhou Runjian,Zhang Zewei and Shuai Anning (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:57, May 29, 2012

Edited and translated by Li Qian, People's Daily Online

A cover song with emotion

He has an inborn thirst for stage, singing is his dream. However, an accident about five years ago forced him to give up his music dream and work as a drainer. But a video of a cover song let him rise to fame overnight, and netizens call him a drainer like Xuriyanggang, the hottest Chinese grassroots duo.

Recently, one netizen uploaded a video named "One common drainer's music cry 'Tiangaodihou'". In the video a boy in orange overall is playing a guitar devotedly on a shabby single bed."

The video attracted a large number of netizens and was acclaimed. Now this video has been played about 1.45 million times and got nearly 4,000 comments. Many netizens were moved by his emotional voice and plain appearance. Some netizens called him Xuriyanggang in Tianjin; some said, "The whole world is peaceful while he is singing."

The boy is a drainer named Sun Hongliang, who felt calm for his present status. "I am just a worker. I work cautious and conscientious in overall and sing in free time," he said.

Talking about the video, Sun said: "In mid-march, an old friend of mine asked me to record this videoto shock the friends in Beijing. It was my lunch break, so I played the guitar without changing my clothes. Then my friend uploaded this video in the internet without my expectation."

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