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A traveler's treasure trove

By Craig Mcintosh (China Daily)

09:06, May 25, 2012

Top: Visitors clad in Miao costume enjoy the blooming forests of the Baili Azalea Belt in Bijie city. Above: Exploring rural Guizhou province offers a lot of fun. Photos by Zhu Xingxin / China Daily

While poor in material wealth, Guizhou province is rich in culture, scenery and much else a visitor would desire. Craig McIntosh reports in Guizhou.

If you collected every article ever written about Guizhou province - news or travel - and used them to make a word cloud, it's a good bet that the two largest words would be "poverty" and "beauty". They certainly featured heavily in everything I read before heading out to this southwestern province. Going by people's incomes, Guizhou is certainly one of the poorest areas in China, largely because its rough, karst terrain has made it hard for industry to move in. It is also true that these same mountains, rivers and valleys causing the hardship are simply a delight to behold, while the area's temperate climate, and diverse and colorful ethnic population combine to create a priceless experience.

What I didn't read about is the mind-blowing food (in both senses of the word - glorious and spicy) and the copious amounts of baijiu (clear Chinese spirits) that I'd be expected to down at every meal.

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