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Online Community ‘Mad Mud’ goes live

By Xue Meng (People's Daily Online)

15:19, May 23, 2012

(Mad Mud Forum, web address:

"Mad Mud”(, a brand new interactive leisure forum, was officially launched on May 21, 2012 by the People’s Daily Online English Service ( As a non-political communication community, the forum built from the ground up is to provide a safe and relaxing free talk environment for all English speakers who are eager to read, post and share all sorts of fun stuffs happening in life.

One may share and read interesting news, fantastic pictures, useful tips, his own amazing stories and life experiences and even learn English and Chinese on this platform. It’s a perfect opportunity to get relaxed and read something fun happening in China and around the world at the same time encounter friends from around the globe.

The membership is free. After registering, users can browse and write post in the following categories covering 12 sub areas. Only registered users can post articles and they will need to earn 20 points by replying other posts first.(Reply about 10 posts to earn 20 points.)

- Mad Life: Users can share fashion news and pictures in Mad Fashion, travel experiences and photographs in Mad Travel, useful software in Mad Service and anything that is fun in Mad General.

- Mad Entertainment: Users can share breaking entertainment news, unchained melody, stunning pictures and videos in Mad Music, Mad Movie & TV, Mad Picture and Mad Video.

- Mad Language: Users can talk about language learning experiences, teach and learn Chinese and English in Learn Chinese and Learn English. In the future, this area will become a multi-language communication platform. Users can also suggest the kind of language they want to share or learn and apply to become moderator.

- MM Board: Users can read forum’s announcements and notices in Mad Guide and provide useful feedbacks and suggestions in Administration Area.

In addition, “Mad Mud” community has a dedicated administration team and forum moderators serving for everyone’s needs at all time. The team is open for feedback. Users may leave a comment about the features that could be improved or they want to see in the community. Since it’s a non-political forum, the team hopes that everyone can cherish the free communicating environment, jointly resist the spread of the negative information.

The People’s Daily Online English Service welcomes everyone to come and join the new forum.

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