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Art for everyone

(China Daily)

09:06, May 23, 2012

Above: About 1,000 contemporary artworks were displayed at last year's Affordable Art Beijing. Top and below: Artworks are ready for this year's event. Photos provided to China Daily

Affordable exhibitions and galleries inside furniture stores that sell inexpensive pieces make works accessible to all. Chen Nan reports in Beijing.

At first glance, the shopping cart filled with canvases looks like it could be an installation that equates paintings with groceries. And indeed, that's the intent of Affordable Art Beijing (AAB) - artworks so affordable, you might want to stock up.

"Prices for contemporary art have been skyrocketing," says Tom Pattinson, AAB founder and director, who brought the concept to Beijing in 2006. "Ordinary people get the chance to buy quality art for a reasonable price and take the elitism out of art."

The event, from June 2-3, is held annually in the capital's 798 art district. Laid out more like a supermarket than an exhibition, the art fair has thousands of booths where artists talk about their work with visitors.

The coming AAB will see hundreds of Chinese contemporary artworks, ranging from just a few hundred yuan to the maximum price of 20,000 yuan ($3,200).

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