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Love zebra crossing in Chengdu

(People's Daily Online)

09:56, May 22, 2012


Edited and translated by Huang Beibei, People's Daily Online

"Love needs a zebra crossing" is a very popular saying on the Internet.

To many locals in Chengdu, the "I Love you" zebra crossing perfectly captures the spirit of the saying. This zebra crossing became Chengdu's red carpet.

The red-ground zebra crossing, first such work in China, was painted with words "I Love You" and two linked hearts. The "red carpet" was created to send blessings to local couples, and to remind people of traffic regulations.

"We designed this love zebra crossing not only for newly-married couples. It gives warmth and love to everyone who walks over it," a Chengdu traffic policeman said.

In countries where people use creative crosswalk art, good crosswalk or zebra crossing designs can help to enhance street safety. When drivers see something unique on the road, the design may cause them to slow down to have a closer look. In doing so, they are also more cautious about pedestrians who are in the middle of crossing the street.

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Sally at 2012-05-2370.77.163.*
Be careful. Most zebra crossings in China are death zones as many drivers drive right through them without a care.In most countries, drivers are required to come to a full stop when people are walking inside a zebra crossing, otherwise they face serious penalties. In China, there are no clear rules and drivers continue to move right through the crosswalk even as people are walking.The traffic rules should have been tightened up long ago, because now these zebra crossings offer no protection to pedestrians in China and are dangerous places.

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