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China shows commitment to sustainable marine development at Yeosu Expo


08:19, May 16, 2012

YEOSU, South Korea, May 14 (Xinhua) -- China shows its commitment to pursuing harmonious coexistence of humankind and oceans through sustainable marine development, with its pavilion built at the Yeosu Expo.

The China pavilion, the biggest foreign pavilion at South Korea 's ocean-themed expo, covers an area of 1,241 square meters.

Its exterior catches the attention of visitors with unique oriental charms from traditional fishermen drawings painted in blue, the color borrowed from traditional blue-and-white porcelains.

Under the theme of "One Ocean, One Home," the pavilion focuses on showcasing China's constant efforts in developing oceans for scientific purposes and thereby promoting a harmonious relationship between humans and the marine environment.

At the pavilion, visitors are invited to learn about China's development and preservation of ocean and coastal resources, ocean science and technology and maritime culture while exploring three main exhibition areas: Ocean Wave, Ocean Splendor and Ocean Romance.

Zhao Zhenge, commissioner of the China pavilion, said the exhibition will serve as a chance to introduce China's strength as a maritime country.

"By developing the theme of the China pavilion, we are trying to showcase diversified natural resources of sea life in all the areas in China and also the marine economy as well as the marine culture," said Zhao.

He added that various programs will be organized to show China' s rich marine resources and maritime economic development, with the participation of the country's coastal provinces.

The highlight of the exhibition is the animated film that tells the close friendship shared by a Chinese girl and Chinese white dolphins.

It not only stresses a mutual dependency between people and nature, but also conveys China's commitment to protecting marine ecosystems and resources.

"The video that was shown at the pavilion depicted that there were many Chinese white dolphins at first because the sea was clean. It got contaminated later, but it was good to see that the country is now making efforts for the return of the clean sea," said 26-year-old Jung Dae-hyeon.

The China pavilion is expected to receive about 6,400 visitors per day, with the total number of visitors exceeding 600,000 over the next three months.

The Yeosu Expo opened on May 12 and will continue until August 12 in South Korea's southern coastal city of Yeosu under the theme of "The Living Ocean and Coast."

The event is being held between the headline World Expos, which are staged every five years. The last was in Shanghai in 2010.


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