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Amazing life in Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve


09:57, May 12, 2012

Photo taken on May 2, 2012 shows a silvery gibbon on Gaoligong Mountain, southwest China's Yunnan Province. Located on the west bank of Nujiang River in the west of Yunnan Province, Gaoligong Mountain is a renowned deep fracture longitudinal valley. Gaoligong Mountain National Nature Reserve covers a total area of 120,000 hectares with forest coverage of 85 percent. The reserve is about 9 kilometers from the east to the west, and 135 kilometers long. It is characterized by its natural landscape of biological and climate vertical belts, various types of vegetation, and a great variety of plants and animals. According to incompletely statistics, there are 699 kinds of vertebrates in Gaoligong Mountain. In 2000, the mountain has been listed as a biosphere protection zone by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. (Xinhua/Liu Chengdong)

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