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'Chinese language talent' becomes popular on Internet

By Zheng Na, Dong Xiaowei and Qiang Dehua (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:08, May 09, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Mike Sui,a person of China-U.S. mixed blood, is enjoying an extreme popularity! Recently, a nine-minute comic video made by him has become very hot on micro-blogs of

By the noon of May 7, it had been re-published more than 420,000 times, received more than 90,000 comments, with the number of fans skyrocketing to more than 420,000.

One person plays 12 roles

What does it look like that one person plays 12 roles in a video, including a Beijing guy wearing the jersey of the Guoan soccer team, a drunk Russian wearing a fur hat, an African singing rap and a Hong Kong guy wearing glasses and a business suit? You will find the answer if you watch the video made by Mike Sui.

The content of the video is very simple. It is a Chinese guy Li Lei drinking and chatting with several guys from different countries and regions in a wine bar of Beijing. The highlight of the video is the different English and Chinese accents spoken by them.

For example, the Beijing guy speaks mandarin with a heavy Beijing accent, "Any business? I am drinking with a batch of foreigners." The Hong Kong guy speaks both Chinese and English in a sentence, "My name is Tony." The Japanese guy is always polite but strained while speaking. The Taiwan guy's Taiwan accent is very genuine and funny. All the roles played by him are extremely vivid, and his acting is highly praised by netizens.

In the video, Sui played Li Lei, one that Chinese netizens, especially the post-1980s, are most familiar with, who is a character in China's English text books of 1990s. In the video, he is a real person. Like many Chinese who have studied English for years, he speaks every English sentence with strict grammar. Mike Sui plays this role vividly and wonderfully.

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