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The business of breaking up

By Sun Li (China Daily)

09:22, May 09, 2012

A group of single persons gather at the Dinosaur's Love Bank in Beijing to share their emotional experiences. Da Wei / For China Daily

An industry is growing up around splitting up, namely the storage of mementos from failed relationships. Sun Li reports.

Wang Tian has turned her own broken heart - and others' - into a business opportunity.

When the sophomore at a university in Jilin's provincial capital Changchun lost her boyfriend because she was spending too much time running her new cafe, she gave him back his stuff - except for a T-shirt, which she displayed in what has since become the cafe's "Love Museum".

The museum - a shrine of artifacts from about 20 failed relationships - has increased the popularity of her java joint, which is otherwise typical.

Visitors can see the mementos - cards, notes, a Rubik's Cube - from past relationships and leave their own.

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