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Lazy lunch with friends

By Donna Mah (China Daily)

09:23, May 08, 2012

An event brought me to this small eatery on Gough Street, just north of Hollywood Road (NoHo - north of Hollywood).

A friend's baby shower was being thrown here and I was attending as one of the many pregnant guests.

The restaurant's name is Babylon (which I started calling "baby-lon" instead of "ba-buh-lon") and it's one of the newer additions to a formerly quiet street that is now ripe with places to eat.

Babylon is small, so if you go with a larger group, make sure you have a reservation.

They have a small bar and the bartender was mixing up refreshing non-alcoholic drinks for the many mommies-to-be at this luncheon.

Seating here is for about 20-30 diners. It's cozy and maybe a little cramped, but for the shower, it was just right. The menu for lunch was surprisingly long.

It was the regular set lunch menu served at Babylon and included spaghetti Bolognese, braised oxtail in red wine sauce, pan-fried turbot fillet with risotto in lemon sauce, and char-grilled Canadian pork chop with vegetables and gravy.

There were a total of nine mains to choose from served with the soup of the day or minestrone, and coffee or tea. Prices ranged from HK$78 to HK$148 ($10-19) per set and for an additional HK$15 you could have the dessert of the day.

On the day we were there, the desserts being served were creme brulee and cheesecake.

For my meal, I ordered the braised oxtail in red wine sauce. Oxtail used to be an inexpensive cut of meat that has now become a popular item on many restaurant menus.

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