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(China Daily)

08:49, May 07, 2012

Guqinis an iconic sound of China.

As one of the oldest Chinese musical instruments, the guqin represents more than just music - it is a symbol of culture and part of an intellectual's learning.

Although guqin music was recognized by UNESCO in 2003 as a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity, there are not many opportunities to hear the instrument.

But a concert will give audiences a comprehensive understanding of the history, repertory and art of guqin. Titled Guqin that Tranquilizes the Mind, this concert will feature a number of renowned musicians, including guqin player Huang Wenyi and vocalist Jiang Jiaqiang.

Besides eight classic works from different historical eras, the program will also include guqin with Chinese flutes and songs accompanied by guqin.

Performers will make use of the three-level stage at Zhengyici Theater to create rich sounds. Multimedia technology will also be adapted to add some visual effects.

7:30 pm, May 4-5. Zhengyici Theater, 220 Qianmen Xiheyanjie (southeast of Hepingmen subway station), Beijing. 010-8315-1650, 4006-511-018.


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