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Harping on excellence

By Chen Nan  (China Daily)

08:32, May 07, 2012

An afternoon with the harp commanding the spotlight will cool you down a bit in the early summer heat.

Renowned French harpist Isabelle Moretti will be joined by her husband, harpist Jakez Francois, in a show that closes the Third China International Harp Art Festival.

The couple will play numerous works, including Debussy's Moonlight and Isaac Albniz's Asturias.

Moretti, who took first prize at the Triennial Harp Competition in 1988, is a master of her instrument.

Also in attendance will be musicians from the Central Conservatory of Music. Francois will also play improvisational pieces with jazz drummers and bassists.

2 pm, May 6. Forbidden City Concert Hall, inside Zhongshan Park, northwest of Tian'anmen Square. 400-610-3721.


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