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School canteens deep in the mountains


15:24, May 04, 2012

(xinhua/Huang Xiaobang)

Edited and translated by Huang Beibei, People's Daily Online

Recently, reporters from Xinhua News Agency visited rural areas in Guangxi and learned that elementary school canteens deep in the mountains is suffering from insufficient investment and some schools or teaching camps have even no canteen.

Guangxi plans to invest 1 billion yuan in 2012 for the construction of rural school cafeteria.

The State Council, China's cabinet, decided to unveil the nutrition improvement plan for students in rural primary schools and junior middle schools in October last year.

From the central budget, 16 billion yuan ($2.54 billion) will be allocated annually to subsidize students in 680 pilot counties, with each student entitled to 3 yuan as nutrition subsidies.

The policy benefits more than 26 million primary and middle school students in China's most underprivileged villages, almost one third of the entire rural students in central and western regions.

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