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Stars perform in Shanghai's music festival


09:32, May 04, 2012

SHANGHAI -- Music stars have gathered in Shanghai to perform at its Strawberry Music Festival.

Rock bands of Blond Redhead from the United States, Tahiti80 from the France, and Goose from Belgium are among the stars attending the festival held at the Shanghai Expo Park from Sunday to Tuesday.

Mandarin bands such as Sodagreen and singers such as Tanya Chua also performed at the festival.

Strawberry Festival, a festival mainly with rock music, is organized by the record company Mondern Sky and Shanghai-based SMG media corporation.

Wang Yong, an executive with the SMG, said China is transforming its economic development pattern, and cultural activities have started booming.

"Young people born in the 1980s and 90s prefer rock festivals as they are focusing on personalities at the era of Internet."


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Ioyw at 2012-05-2565.88.88.*
Hopefully there will be chinese singers who can have international fame!!!

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