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Disney quickens steps into Shanghai

By Cao Lingjuan (People's Daily)

08:39, May 04, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Shanghai Disneyland Resort gave a briefing about the project progress in the past year in the end of April, indicating the main project of Shanghai Disneyland Resort has been in full swing.

The first mover advantage becomes less obvious

The first stage of Shanghai Disneyland Resort project covers an area of 3.9 square kilometers, including 1.16 square kilometers of theme park and supporting retail, dining and entertainment facilities. the infrastructure construction of the theme park will soon be started and the project of hotels and places of retail, dining and entertainment will be scheduled to start in the second half of 2012, Howard Brown, senior vice president of the Shanghai Disney Resort, said at the briefing.

However, Disney never thinks that after one year, its first mover advantage becomes less obvious. The Disney Company was surprised to find that the competition is far from simple and one of the world's biggest competitors also came to China.

Different from the twists and turns of the Shanghai Disneyland project, the DreamWorks suddenly appeared in China in a more direct stance. In early 2012, the DreamWorks, an animation company of the United States which had produced the "Kung Fu Panda," officially announced the cooperation with China to establish an "oriental DreamWorks" in Shanghai through establishment of a joint venture.

The Disney is often blamed for bringing Western culture into China, but the founder and CEO of the DreamWorks Animation Company Jeffrey Katzenberg has actively expressed on many occasions that the company will try its best to find and develop Chinese elements, create new cartoon characters from the local culture, and tell the world vivid Chinese stories in the Chinese language.

The card played by the DreamWorks in China perfectly meets China's urgent requirement of expecting the Chinese culture to "Go Global" and pursue more dialogues with the world. Jeffrey Katzenberg has successfully entered the door of China's animation industry and is welcomed by various parties. Fifty-five percent of the shares of the East DreamWorks will be controlled by the China side, and the first-round investment in the East DreamWorks will be as high as 330 million U.S. dollars.

The Disney Company is facing a fiercer competition, and Shanghai will turn into a field for various animation companies to "fight for the throne."

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