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High hopes

By Liu Xiangrui and Dachiong  (China Daily)

10:19, May 03, 2012

From top: Tsesum has her daily prayer walk in Lhasa. Tsesum's son Qambaphuntsog and his wife at their shoe store. Photos by Liu Xiangrui / China Daily

Lhasa's residents are enjoying a transformation in life quality. Liu Xiangrui and Dachiong report in Lhasa.

Tsesum recites her mantras in low tones and prostrates herself in prayer in front of a rock wall packed with colorful Buddhas. She touches her head to the ground in devotion every time she prays. The 66-year-old resident of the Tibet autonomous region's capital Lhasa says Tibet's transformation and her family's improved lot have changed the way she prays. "I'm grateful life's changing for the better, day by day," she says. "The blissful light of Buddha shines on us now. All I pray for now is a warm and happy family and a peaceful society." Tsesum first joined the throngs of Tibetans who prostrate themselves and spin prayer wheels 15 years ago. She spends about four hours walking from the early morning and spends about three more hours resting in teahouses and parks.

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