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Cycling: the best way to see the city

By Xu Xiaomin (China Daily)

09:26, May 03, 2012

A "naked" ride adds a thrill to biking adventures in Shanghai. Provided to China Daily

Some people in Shanghai think cycling in the summer is a crazy thing to do.

They worry that the sun is too strong and is bad for their skin and would prefer traveling in air-conditioned comfort to sweating away on a bike.

But Shanghai is famed for its boulevards and French phoenix trees, which offer shade and pleasant surroundings.

My favorite route begins on Xinhua Road in the west and ends on the Bund, with an icy drink on the banks of the Huangpu River, a ride of about 18 km.

The journey takes in many beautiful boulevards and the historic architecture of the former French Concession.

I especially like the 3.5 km Fuxing Road section through the former Concession.

Here the traffic moves slower and there are many historic villas, shikumen (traditional Shanghai housing), as well as cool cafes and bakeries if you fancy a rest.

If you want a more exciting trip, check with Prodigy Cycling Club at [email protected]

The group is planning another "naked" ride this year - short pants for the guys and bikinis for the ladies.

The city has several cycling clubs that offer bicycle rental and trips, and often have an English-speaking service.

Deng Jin contributed to this story.

[email protected]

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