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Film Music Forum Held in Beijing

(CRI Online)

09:22, April 28, 2012

Oscar-winning Chinese composer Tan Dun delivers a speech at the Film Music Forum during the 2nd Beijing International Film Festival on Friday, April 27, 2012. ( Yang)

As one part of the ongoing 2nd Beijing International Film Festival, the Film Music Forum attracted big names, including Oscar-winning Chinese composer Tan Dun, two-time Emmy winner Hummie Mann from Hollywood, and South Korean director Jae-young Kwak.

With the theme of "exploring the beauty of music in film," the musicians shared their views on various topics such as how to make film music better reflect the theme of film and how to integrate music with pictures.

Tan Dun, winner of the 73rd Academy Award for Best Original Music, applauded the forum for setting up a platform to create an elite group of film music composers through stepping up the communication between Chinese and foreign producers.

"The forum is excellent. It's amazing to unite film music talents from different corners of the world, sharing their thoughts and skills on film aesthetics and also their philosophical views. I hope that Beijing can continue holding the event. The forum will set a stage to change the world," said Tan.

The weeklong Beijing International Film Festival will close Saturday night with a film music concert presented by the British Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

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Oli at 2012-04-2924.215.200.*
Chinese who can sing in English are needed to improve China"s music industry.

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