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Third World Buddhist Forum calls for world harmony


09:11, April 28, 2012

HONG KONG, April 27 (Xinhua) -- The Third World Buddhist Forum concluded Friday afternoon with a declaration calling for world peace and harmony by taking actions.

The three-day forum, started from April 25 to 27, concluded with a declaration calling for "a harmonious world begins in the mind; a synergy of conditions relies on common aspirations and actions."

The declaration, read out by Hong Ming, executive vice-president of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, said "In the present world, social injustice and ecological imbalance have yet to be addressed, mass misconducts and unbridled greed remain to be curbed. Therefore, the construction of a harmonious world should begin from one's mind. A synergy of conditions could only be achieved through common aspirations and actions."

As a conclusion, the Third World Buddhist Forum unanimously adopted the following resolution:

"We wish all human to be kind, every relationship to be valued and all beings to be cherished through gratefulness.

We wish every family to be united, parental love to be steady through dedication.

We wish the social relationship to be friendly, the goal of effective communication and reciprocal assistance to be reached through affinities.

We wish a harmonious society to be achieved, everyone enjoy his proper place through tolerance.

We wish the environment to be civilized and mutual appreciation to be strengthened through respect.

We wish a peaceful world to be realized, all enemies to be converted into friends through sharing."

Around 1,000 representatives from home and abroad attended the forum, including Buddhist leaders from different countries, well known Buddhist scholars, as well as individuals who are concerned with the development of Buddhism.

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