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Third World Buddhist Forum closes in HK


09:09, April 28, 2012

HONG KONG, April 27 (Xinhua) -- The Third World Buddhist Forum wrapped up Friday in Hong Kong with messages of hope to create a harmonious world from leading Buddhist figures.

Around 1,000 representatives from home and abroad attended the forum, including Buddhist leaders from different countries, well known Buddhist scholars, as well as individuals who are concerned with the development of Buddhism.

The Third World Buddhist Forum has played a positive role and made special contribution to the attaining of people's tranquility, promoting social harmony, maintaining world peace, and improving human beings' blessings, Xuecheng, vice President of the Buddhist Association of China said at the closing ceremony.

According to Xuecheng, aspiration and action are exactly the link between the internal mind and the external environment. The theme of the forum, "Common Aspirations and Actions towards a Harmonious World" coincides with Buddhist vision for a harmonious world by turning from thinking to practice and expanding from individual to groups.

Kok Kwong, president of the Hong Kong Buddhist Association, gave a short remark at the closing ceremony. He said that during the seven sub-forums participants had deep and heated discussions on the fields of Buddhist cultivation, Dharma dissemination, education, charity and culture.

Wang Zuo'an, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs said the Chinese government is firmly committed to the policy of freedom of religious beliefs, values the positive role played by all religions, including Buddhism, and dedicates itself to promoting harmonious relations among religions.

The forum concluded with a declaration calling for "a harmonious world begins in the mind; a synergy of conditions relies on common aspirations and actions."

The forum also announced that Lingshan of Wu Xi, a city in the east China's Jiangsu Province, will be the permanent venue of the World Buddhist Forum. The announcement was followed by an endorsement ceremony in which plaque was conferred to Zhu Kejiang, mayor of Wuxi.

Co-founded by the four Chinese regions, the World Buddhism Forum is aimed at building an equal and open platform for high-level dialogues in the world of Buddhism. The first forum was held in China's eastern Zhejiang Province in 2006. The second forum was opened in the eastern Jiangsu Province and closed in China's Taiwan in 2009.


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