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Dance drama features martial arts

By Joyce Xu (Shanghai Daily)

09:08, April 28, 2012

MARTIAL arts stunts from traditional Chinese operas are combined with dance and special effects to deliver a spectacular martial arts dance drama about opera, brotherhood and patriotism.

The original drama "Fenmo Chunqiu" or "Years on the Stage" will be performed next Thursday and Friday at Shanghai City Theater.

The star-studded cast features Huang Doudou, Tan Jing and Wang Di and was first staged in Beijing to positive reviews.

Inspired by the personal life and stage experiences of famous Peking Opera artist Gai Jiaotian, the drama is against the backdrop of the late Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). It revolves around the dramatic lives of the master's three talented opera students who rise to fame despite a variety of challenges.

The drama is also an emotional performance about friendship, brotherhood and love. The script was written by well-known Hong Kong scriptwriter and novelist Lillian Lee, whose credits include "Farewell My Concubine" and "Green Snake." Many of her novels have been adapted into acclaimed movies.

Lee, who herself is a dancer, adds her own interpretation of Chinese theater to the work. The production includes traditional stilt stunts, water sleeve dance and flag-carrying martial arts of traditional operas.

"The charm of the dance drama transcends space, time and different languages," says Li Li, the show's producer.

"With the combination of modern art and traditional stunts, the drama can cater to a wide audience from home and abroad."

Date: May 3-4, 7:30pm

Address: 4889 Dushi Rd

Tickets: 80-500 yuan (US$12.74-79.62)

Tel: 5415-8975, 5415-7496


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