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Live a future life now

By Shen Lili (Global Times)

08:58, April 28, 2012

Long long ago, people began to dream of a high-tech house that could provide mankind with a very convenient lifestyle. No matter what peaked the imagination, the goal for gadgets would be for a house to be so "smart" it could serve you on its own just as a real butler would. And now, these futuristic appliances are a reality and ready to be brought home.

Magic mirror, tell me please

When you were a small child being read the story of Snow White, and you heard of the evil queen asking "mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most beautiful of them all?" once you got past how mean she was, were you ever envious that she had such a mirror that could talk and answer her questions? Well, now you can own a magical mirror, but instead of telling you who is more beautiful, it will give you beauty and fashion advice.

This helpful mirror looks like any other ordinary one in a clothing boutique, but it can make the fitting process much more efficient and convenient. You won't need to put the clothes on, but just to simply hold the items in front of you - even if they are still on the hanger - and the mirror will show you how the clothes would fit. When you move your body, the clothes will even move with you, as though you have indeed physically put them on. For those who can get a quick idea of what looks good and what doesn't, this will save a lot of trouble in pulling on and off dozens of off-fitting things that don't match you at all. And if you're heading out, your hair won't get all frizzy!

What's more, you can choose the "fashion consultant" function, which will choose matching clothes and accessories for you, and superimpose their images on top of the clothes item you have already "tried on." Hat, earrings, scarf? All at your finger lips - literally.

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