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Innovation station

By Wang Kaihao (China Daily)

08:18, April 28, 2012

Art Hack Weekend participants work on their creations.

Beijing's Art Hack Weekend brings together people from various sectors to produce impromptu works in teams. Wang Kaihao reports in Beijing.

About 40 youths busily scribble blueprints, write computer code and fiddle with various gizmos and carpenter's tools in the 180-square-meter Beijing courtyard known as Qinggongguan, or Youth Mansion. When asked, "What are you making?" They all give the same answer: "You'll see." These artists, programmers and technicians gathered at the Youth Mansion on the evening of April 20 for "Art Hack Weekend".

After a barbecue, participants - most of whom don't know each other - form teams and must complete their projects within 48 hours.

Documentary director and VJ Xiang Yandong finished testing the system just before the 5 pm Sunday deadline.

"Finally! We did it!" Xiang exclaims, when it's done.

"It's interesting but too exhausting."

His team's project is a website in which entering a key word causes futuristic panoramas to flash, while silhouettes dance to strange sounds against an animated background. They call it The Cloud.

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