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Top 13 most valuable postage stamps in the world

By Xu Lin (

14:38, April 27, 2012

Cape of Good Hope Stamp (

For stamp collectors, rare and error postage stamps are always the target. As time goes by, the value of a postage stamp may increase unimaginably, and even reach a few million US dollars. The following are the value and history of the 13 most precious postage stamps in the world.

Estimated value: US$40,000

Issued in 1853, the Cape of Good Hope stamp is the first postage stamp in the Cape of Good Hope, and even in the whole of Africa. It firstly came out in the forms of 1- and 4-pennies, and the stamp with two other face values was issued two years later.

The stamp sports a triangular shape, so that even the illiterate could tell that it was not a stamp from another country, although many other countries have issued triangular stamps since then. Its design is a female figure sitting on top of an anchor, which is resting on top of a rock, symbolizing the Cape. The stamp was designed by Surveyor General Charles Bell and printed by Messrs. Perkins, Bacon & Co., a famous printer of books, bank notes and postage stamps.

Very rare copies of the stamp have survived today. In the world-famous Stanley Gibbons Stamp Catalogue, the value of a single Cape of Good Hope stamp is about US$40,000.

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LvNXUWMaSutKDuQG at 2012-05-15178.33.224.*
Love going to the post-office in our tiny rural town the postmistress is a neigobhr, the mail sorter/carrier is a wealth of information about what"s going on [events, not gossip!] and since I got those Liberty Bell Forever stamps in a big quantity, I only have to go in there for packages and friendliness. Since I"ve ordered books from the UK in sufficient quantities that they arrive in a Royal Mail sack with custom-tags all over, the folks at the PO can hardly wait to see what"s coming next for us. They kept the bag as a souvenir, too! The carrier drives a 4WD jeep and 80-90% of her route is on gravel [unpaved] roads she"s only had to skip us three times in 10 years, and all 3 were because of ice-storms where nobody could get out anyway for 5 days.

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