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Chinese enterprise to build "micro-movie" production base


08:58, April 27, 2012

BEIJING, April 26 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese cultural enterprise has announced the founding of the "Shang8 Film Industry Park," vowing to build it into China's first base for the production of "micro movies."

The park will strive to nurture young filmmakers and support the growth of Chinese companies working in this medium, which involves films shot over a short period of time and lasting only a few minutes or less, mostly completed on extremely small budgets.

It will also serve as a platform for original films from new-generation producers, said the Shang8 Culture Group on Wednesday at the ongoing 2nd Beijing International Film Festival.

Shang8 is a Beijing-based cultural creativity complex specializing in providing cultural, artistic and advertising services. It owns eight industrial parks concerning creative design, advertising and new media.

The Shang8 Film Industry Park will integrate all sectors of filmmaking including investment and plotting, script writing, production, promotion and distribution, said He Yang, the facility's planner and manager.

The park will set up "workshops for young filmmakers," "new director introductions" and other projects to promote the rise of new filmmakers and the micro-movie industry, according to He.

Amid China's booming film industry, micro movies have been on the rise as a burgeoning independent art form that can be downloaded and viewed on various new media players like iPads and smartphones.

A micro movie named "Old Boys" available from Youku, China's version of YouTube, was watched 39.87 million times in 2010. Nine other such shorts on Youku also received more than 60 million viewers in total in the year.

Local director Chen Li said micro movies have helped many ordinary people accomplish their "film dreams."


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