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Designing Chinese Minds

By Yang Di and Emily Ford  (Shanghai Daily)

08:54, April 27, 2012

DESPITE the presence of international names such as agnes b. from France, Massimo Sforza from Italy and PPQ from Britain, the recent Shanghai Fashion Week was mostly about promoting China's most designing minds.

A group of independent local designers has staked a claim as shapers of the fashion trends people will be following in fall and winter. The colors, materials and cuts they choose and the way they pull their looks together dazzled the Shanghai audience and fashionistas.

Almost each collection was inspired by a vision of their ideal client and they proved that Chinese designers are gradually coming into their own and achieving international recognition with strong concepts and high-quality designs.

Between April 11 and 17, around 40 fashion shows for 43 labels were staged on runways in the Xintiandi shopping and entertainment hub and 800 Show on Changde Road. Inside Xintiandi Style, there was even a pop-up store showcasing Chinese designers.


Design duo Amy Molyneux and Percy Parker are well known in their native Britain, where their clothes are worn by celebrities including British television presenter Alexa Chung and singer Lily Allen. They staged their first show in China at Shanghai Fashion Week and hope to begin selling in China within a year.

An edgy collection began with a lineup of monochrome hot pants before progressing to green flowing skirts and tight black off-the-shoulder dresses with starched black bonnets. An outfit of white leggings with green jacket had a Robin Hood feel, while a patent leather trench coat had a sexier edge.

Molyneux described the typical PPQ afficionado as "the kind of girl who has a tattoo under her ball gown and isn't afraid to show it off - like Angelina Jolie, for example."

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