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Cultural differences bring educational dilemma

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:17, April 27, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The U.S.-based China Press has recently published an article pointing out the educational dilemma that overseas Chinese are facing brought by cultural differences between China the United States.

Regarding to quite a few recent incidents of missing Chinese children in the Chinese community in Brooklyn of New York, the parents of these children complained that they are not undutiful but their wayward children do not obey them, making them confused about what to do.

The extraction of the article is as follows:

Not long ago, a teenage Chinese girl was reported missing in the Sunset Park area of Brooklyn. After the police released the news, an insider said that the girl was not missing but living in a friend’s house. The insider also said that the true reason behind the missing of Chinese children in the Chinese community of Brooklyn is that adolescent children under both Chinese and American education degenerated themselves in the period of youth rebellion.

The girl reported missing lives near the Sixth Avenue in Sunset Park area. Her father who works in a restaurant said that his daughter came to the United States a few years ago. She was obeyed at the beginning but gradually became wayward when she entered the period of youth rebellion and did not listen to them at all. In the United States, parents cannot discipline their children by force or criticize them by serious or strong words. Otherwise, they will be accused of child abuse and deprived of the custody. Therefore, they can only advise their girl but it did not work. Their girl became more and more unruly and wicked and even made some bad friends. However, they can only turn a blind eye. Then, the girl often ran away from home for a few days, a month even several months until she used up all the money. In desperation, parents had to report to the police that their girl had missed.

The insider said that they are good parents and are affectionate with each other. They care a lot and are very serious about the education to their girl but she was very rebellious. After reporting missed to the police, the parents knew where their girl lives but they have no way to let her return home.

Helplessly, the father said that they are considering a move from New York to other state, hoping to prevent their daughter from making friends with bad children. But when facing the girl who does not want to go home, they had to tell her that they will move and even change the phone numbers. They are helpless when facing the dilemma brought by the educational differences between China and the United States.

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tee gee at 2012-04-2770.15.174.*
the writer of this article is as unfamiliar with american behavior as american"s are of chinese behavior. parents in america have many options in correcting poor behavior of their children - "advising" them is ridiculous. parents can restrict their privileges - such as leaving the house to see friends, taking away their cell phone, computer or tv privileges for a period of time. the biggest problem with chinese families in america is that they leave their children unattended while working long hours. chinese parents must learn to be more involved with the lives of their children. in america, the word "parent" means someone who watches, corrects & praises their children. our new chinese neighbors expect their children to listen while not supervising them. their children become a part of american culture while their parents stick to their old ways, this makes their ability to parent questionable.

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