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Hebei details crackdown to fight 'severe' pollution

By Leeann Li (Shanghai Daily)

10:15, April 26, 2012

AUTHORITIES in northern China's Hebei Province hauled more than 80 enterprises into court last year for causing environmental pollution, including the Hebei branch of China Mobile, the world's largest cell phone carrier by users.

The provincial environmental authorities fined the involved companies a total of 8 million yuan (US$1.27 million), with half fined more than 200,000 yuan, officials said.

The Tangshan-based Sanyou Group's Dongguang Pulp Co drew the biggest fine - 500,000 yuan - followed by China Mobile's Hebei branch, and Hebei Jiutian Medicine and Chemical Industry Co, China News Service reported.

Yin Guangping, vice director of the Hebei Environmental Protection Administration, said that nearly one third of the water in the province was inferior due to increasing illegal chemical dumping, more chemical leaks caused by traffic incidents and work-safety incidents.

"The environmental pollution is severe in the province and the major pollutants are of high concentration," he said.

The province's environmental authorities plan to launch a 100-day campaign in June to examine oil processors, chemical manufacturers and heavy metal plants to ensure the sources of clean water won't become tainted.


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