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Enlightenment from 3D movie Titanic's popularity in China

By Suo Yabin (People's Daily)

08:25, April 24, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The American movie “Titanic,” which was remade into 3D version, was simultaneously released in the United States and in China in April 2012. The box office revenue in Chinese mainland market is far higher than that of the North American market. “Titanic” overwhelmed other movies released during the same period and again became the topic for conversation.

It was less than five years since China began introducing foreign blockbusters when “Titanic” was first shown in Chinese mainland in April 1998. The influence of previously introduced movies was not as strong as that of the “Titanic”. It can be said that the popular “Titanic” in those days indicated that Chinese viewers witnessed and participated in the latest movies for the first time in an age of globalization since the founding of the People’s Republic of China. Moreover, it just was the low ebb of the Chinese film industry at that time and “Titanic” not only shored up enthusiasm of seeing a movie in a cinema but also was the harbinger of the movie Hero, which activated Chinese film market four years later.

Many viewers were not satisfied with the 3D effect although the rerelease of “Titanic” was very popular. They think that the 3D effect of “Titanic” is far inferior to that of the Avatar, another 3D movie directed by James Cameron. However, it is generally recognized that the grand visual and aural effects of “Titanic” are breathtaking and it did not seem outmoded. The “Titanic” is still the super blockbuster only seen in the cinema to enjoy its visual and aural charm.

The current Chinese film market is still in the primary stage of the recovery and the visual and aural charm is still the major aspiration of viewers. Although they can see the “Titanic” on DVD, TV or Internet, the viewers are more willing to see it in the cinema. The China National Film Museum with inconvenient traffic also attracted many viewers thanks to its huge video hall, which has superior visual and aural effects.

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