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Beijing international film festival to open


15:35, April 23, 2012

BEIJING, April 23 (Xinhua) -- The second Beijing International Film Festival is set to kick off Monday evening with an opening ceremony to be held at the National Convention Center.

More than 260 films from across the globe will be screened during the festival, which will run at various venues across Beijing from April 23 to 28.

Zhang Heping, vice chairman of the festival's organization committee, said the festival was more localized in comparison to other international film events.

"We bring in the foreign essence in order to strengthen ourselves," Zhang said.

About 4,000 guests, including famous actors, directors and filmmakers from China and abroad, are expected to attend the event.

Organizers said Oscar-winning director James Cameron had agreed to make an appearance at a time when the 3D version of his 1997 film "Titanic" was setting box office records in China.

During the festival, Cameron will speak at a forum and talk to Chinese filmmakers about future plans for collaboration.

Other speakers at the forum include James Gianopulos, chairman of Fox Filmed Entertainment, and Simon Philips, CEO of Walt Marvel Entertainment, a Walt Disney subsidiary.

Festival attendees will also include Keanu Reeves, Korean actor So Ji-sub and several Chinese actors and actresses.

The first Beijing International Film Festival was held from April 23 to 28 last year, with 100 foreign and 60 domestic films screened at 20 Beijing theaters.


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