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'Hand-painting traveling' increasingly popular

By Ding Yubao (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

14:34, April 23, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

"Hand-painting traveling" is becoming increasingly popular as it is romantic and can remind people of their childish innocence.

"We live a busy yet dull life in cities. The simple and beautiful 'hand-painting traveling' mixes memories with reality, and wakes up the romance and childish innocence in our lives," an Internet user said.

Deng Yubing, a girl studying in Wuhan, recently posted online an article titled "100 Things I want to Do with You in Wuhan" as a gift to her boyfriend. The sweet gift has struck a chord with many Internet users as it shows not only the deep love between Deng and her boyfriend, but also the beautiful scenery in Wuhan in a detailed way. The article contains over 100 pictures, many of which are hand-drawn, and Deng's poetic captions, becoming the most beautiful "map" for tourists to Wuhan.

You may have met some tourists who quickly painted a scene in a few minutes on their travel books. Their way of traveling is called "hand-painting traveling." Hand-painted pictures, as opposed to computer-generated images, can offer a more intuitive and more intimate experience. Certain travelers like to paint some of the things they see during a journey according to their mood. Many hand-painted travel books contain details that demonstrate the unique features of places and make readers feel as if they were in the places. These details can be road signs, street names, house numbers, or souvenirs,

The originator of the hand-drawing tourism actually was a well-known modern Japanese stage designer Senoo Kappa. In his book "Peep in India," his drew specific pictures for everything in the hotels he had lived in, including the plane figure of the room, door, window, curtain, bed, desk, TV set, telephone, table, chair, toilet and even water tap.

His drawings, vivid and abundant, are like an instruction book of all products of the hotel. The tens of hand-drawing tourism works including "The Other End of the Cloud and Mountain: Going to Tibet Alone" and "Love Story of a Couple of Donkeys," which are very popular on the Internet, all adopted the "pure hand drawing" or "hand drawing + picture (drawing on the picture)" style. Created by the authors during or after their journeys, the drawings and pictures are records of the special sites of the tourism destinations, special details of the journeys and even the authors' feelings during their journeys.

A high-school geography teacher of the Taiwan Province Zhang Peiyu described her tourism experience in her book "Hand-Drawing Journey in the Darjeeling:" It originally was a plan of touring in Nepal, but I decided to stop going after visiting the Darjeeling Tea Garden in India, and in this journey, I never exactly knew where I was. By showing vivid photos with texts and hand drawings, the author recorded specific but in-depth details of life and her own figure in her own eyes.

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