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Fake news is a real problem

By Liu Wei  (China Daily)

09:05, April 23, 2012

A scene from the blockbuster Titanic. Provided to China Daily

James Cameron's Titanic was a phenomenon in China 14 years ago and is once again generating big money - but also fake news.

It was the highest-grossing film in China for 11 years after its 1998 premiere in the country, and now the 3D version has raked in $67 million in just one week - over two-thirds of the film's foreign gross.

Yet the scene where Kate Winslet, as Rose, poses nude for a sketch was cut out.

Explaining the edit on the US satirical television show The Colbert Report, Cameron said Chinese authorities were afraid that men would reach out toward the screen and Winslet's "breasts" and inadvertently touch those sitting in front of them.

When Stephen Colbert showed surprise, Cameron said: "That is an official statement."

However, the director added he accepted the edits because the film was making so much money.

The "official statement" turned out to be a fake story from someone with the Internet handle "Doubandounimei", who created the fake news after being inspired by satirical website The Onion.

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