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Culture description still weak link of film creation

By Liu Yang (People's Daily)

13:47, April 19, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

A new change of film pattern characterized by the public appreciation of the beauty is in brewing, according to "The Report on Chinese Film Art 2012" released by China Film Association on April 18, 2012.

The report said that the transition from the old to the new had appeared in the field of film creation in 2011.

The pattern of film creation became balanced and reasonable in 2011. The creation pattern of blockbusters and movies of small and medium costs gradually became reasonable and the creation idea also changed from single industry to harmonious coexistence of art and industry. Although the blockbusters did not cater to the audience, the breakthrough in the technical means still is worthy of affirmation. The expansion of movies of small and medium costs makes Chinese films full of vitality.

As a whole, the level and degree of filmmaking in China were also significantly improved in 2011. The investors and producers become rational and matured. The quality of filmmaking was obviously improved, which indicates that the film creation is entering an age of intensive cultivation.

The phenomenon of lacking film talents was improved to a certain extent in 2011. The overseas talents' and China-foreign cooperative film production accelerated the internationalization of Chinese films.

In addition, culture description is still the weak link in the field of film creation behind the booming film industry. At present, the unbalanced phenomenon in film creation still exists. For example, most movies are adapted and describe ancient and urban life and few are original and describe modern and rural life.

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