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Pay attention to folk culture education

(Guangming Daily)

11:05, April 19, 2012

What is China's own culture?

Mr. Ji Xianlin said: "Folk culture is national culture". Folk culture is the complex cultural psychology and deep-rooted consciousness of a nation. It is also the internal drive for maintaining social harmony and development. As a cultural expression of the national history and real life, folk culture gradually went into people's everyday life. With the whole nation's feelings, it highlights a country's soft power. Furthermore, it is also the most concentrated expression of national spirit.

Where are our character and wisdom from?

It came from the cultural heritages that our ancestors left behind. The way we do things and our attitudes depend mostly on our cultural environment. Folk culture exists in each person's soul. Once the folk culture gets lost, the whole country's morale will be destroyed and people will be demoralized.

Promoting folk culture is interpreting a country's image

Some people regarded our folk culture as inferior, and thought agricultural civilization cannot adapt to industrial civilization. Such a mindset almost destroyed the nation's cultural identity in a certain period of time. In order to realize the revival of our culture and the country, strong cultural identity is needed. That China has survived the ups and downs over thousands of years is probably not just because of the economic factors, because we have fallen behind, nor of the power of military, because we have been a victim of outsider intrusions. Our culture's cohesive power explains why China can get through all kinds of hardships. Take the Spring Festival for example, the powerful "magnetic field" lets all Chinese get together with a faith in "family reunion" which will not change from generation to generation.

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