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Touching Chinese Ancient Art at London Book Fair


10:46, April 19, 2012

Brushing a carved wooden block with red ink, covering it with a piece of white paper and pressing the paper gently, you will find a painting finished before your eyes.

At the London Book Fair, an artist from the China Printing Museum just finished a painting of Four Beauties, and handed it to Alicja Wiacek.

"It is amazing," the Polish press editor said. "It is the first time I see such an art performed right in front of me."

According to Zhang Zhengxian, vice curator with the museum, they came here on Monday when the book fair started. "We are here to exhibit the Chinese culture," he said.

Zhang noted that paper making and printing both started in ancient China. Chinese people started to make paper some 2,000 years ago, and printed with a carved block at the beginning of the seventh century. Realizing it hard to correct the mistakes if printing from one single block, people then used small movable blocks instead.

"With such an exhibition, we could enable foreign visitors understand more about the Chinese culture and China's contribution to the world civilization," said the vice curator.

Each day, they distributed hundreds of pieces of such paintings to the visitors.

A worker with the museum told Wiacek in English that in the past, such paintings were displayed in the bedroom. "I will find a framework for it and display on the wall," Wiacek said.

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