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Laugh at life

By Lu Qianwen (Global Times)

10:19, April 19, 2012

Martina Hill

Imagine a tall and beautiful young lady shopping in a supermarket. Suddenly, she uses two sausages as nun-chucks, and a coconut as a shot-putter. When she gets to the vegetable section, she uses two cabbages as pom-pons, in a mock cheerleader dance. This lady, a quirky caricature, is the star in the popular online German sitcom, Knaller Frauen, or Crazy Lady.

The beautiful heroine is played by German actress Martina Hill. In each short play - its first season only has eight episodes, each running 20 minutes - Martina plays various female characters: a white-collar worker, a housewife, a single mom, a bride in a wedding, and more. With her exaggerated facial expressions and constant motion, Martina presents audiences with a seemingly crazy heroine. But her character is actually just a normal woman, embodying many modern roles.

The name of the show is translated in Chinese as Diaosi nÜshi, meaning diaosi lady, a reflection of the current popularity of the word, diaosi.

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