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Support rings for China

By Mei Jia  (China Daily)

08:42, April 19, 2012

China and Chinese writers are underfocus at the London Book Fair this year. Mei Jia / China Daily

All eyes are on China at the London Book Fair.

China is the event's market focus this year, and plays a key role in international sales and rights of contents, says James Kynge, the award-winning author for the book China Shakes the World, at Chairman's Breakfast which was organized on the opening day.

UK's publishers are optimistic about the business opportunities at the fair.

Penguin China's head Jo Lusby says, "Our business will benefit from China's market focus. We get to talk to the numerous Chinese publishers and booksellers who are in London this year. It also gives us the opportunity to showcase our best writers and our key projects."

Cambridge University Press' CEO Stephen Bourne, running a heavyweight book series about China called Cambridge China Library, says, "The high economic growth rate in China over the past five years, when most other major economies have been suffering, makes the Chinese market attractive."

Bourne also noticed China's effort in promoting international trade.

"Chinese publishers have made progress in organizing their industry and is beginning to look at foreign markets as a destination for their output," he says. "And the declared commitment of the Chinese government to respect international copyrights adds to that."

Bourne is hoping to use the fair to reaffirm his ties with Chinese publishers. "We are a torch bearer in developing our business in partnership with China and in recognizing that publishers are in a prime position to help China be better understood by audiences in the West," he says.

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