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Temple ruins of Yungang Grottoes edges into new archaeological discoveries of 2011


07:56, April 19, 2012

An archaeological worker matches the broken pottery pieces unearthed from the Buddhist temple ruins on the top of Yungang Grottoes on April 17, 2012. (Xinhua/Fan Minda)

Edited and translated by Ye Xin, People's Daily Online

The Buddhist temple ruins on the top of Yungang Grottoes in Datong City of north China's Shanxi Province was selected as one of the national top ten new archaeological discoveries of 2011 that was released on April 14, 2012.

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cALjuptrHX at 2012-05-1794.23.114.*
Love this post Alyson- it spells out excltay what I"m missing by not spending Christmas in the Algarve. Boo hoo!Actually I have a Bolo Rei currently featured on my restlessjo Facebook page. Always meant to write the accompanying explanation but figured somebody else would do it, and here you are!Especially like the nativity figures at Alte and those lovely street light angels. The best I"ve seen were in Funchal and I would love to spend New Year there.Street lights here seem a bit more subdued this year but we seem to be having an attack of snowdomes. Fun but I"d prefer nativities. It"s a nice aspect of Catholic countries.So, here I sit in rainy Britain (not even snow!), shopping and wrapping all done. Just remains to say, have a wonderful Christmas and good times in 2012. Going to share this on Facebook and make everyone else sick too (not very Christian- sorry!)

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