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17th China Fashion Fair opens in Osaka


16:17, April 17, 2012

OSAKA, April 17 (Xinhua) -- The China Fashion Fair opened Tuesday in the western Japanese business city of Osaka, attracting more than 270 apparel makers and textile manufactures.

The event, held in "MyDome Osaka," a popular indoor exhibition facility in the city center, is hosted by the Chinatex Corporation in cooperation with the Japan-China Economic Relations and Trade Center.

The 17th China Fashion Fair covers an area of about 6,000 square meters, and 324 booths are erected and reserved by companies from 15 Chinese provinces and cities, plus a firm from South Korea.

Li Lan, vice president of Chinatex, said that although the global economy shrank in 2011, the total trade value of textile clothing between China and Japan rose 19.7 percent from the previous year.

The figure could boost the region's economic scale and increase chances of the people's business and general communication between the two countries, Li said.

"As a result of the recent fast technical development that Chinese manufactures have promoted over the past few years, visitors can select more fashionable and original designed items this time than in the previous shows."

"We are not only showing the quality-based goods in the show, but also offering more request-based services such as providing coordinated forms for the business matchings, a variety of handouts, and merchandise samples which are expected to attract many buyers in Japan," she added.

In the exhibition site, the organizer also arranged for the first time a dedicated section for five Chinese importers which would deal with Japanese textile makers manufacturing specialized textiles such as selection for humid wet season.

The China Fashion Fair has been held since 2003 and this year's Osaka edition will continue until Thursday.


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