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Sichuan Cuisine Museum


08:10, April 16, 2012

Sichuan Cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its bold flavor of spiciness featuring the liberal use of garlic, chili peppers and peppercorns, which combine to make a real sensation in one's mouth.

Well, guess you know what our Host Yin Chen's up to today for the museum series - It's the Sichuan Cuisine Museum! Time now to follow her for an exploration in the Museum of Sichuan Cuisine in Chengdu, where she's learned that having a good appetite is just the first step into the world of gastronomy.

I am in a museum right now, and I'm learning something about the Sichuan Cuisine. This is a very unique museum, dedicated to Sichuan Cuisine, one of the most popular cuisine around China. Here we're going to explore all the different aspects of the cuisine, to satisfy your curiosity and also your taste buds.

Here in the kitchen, open to visitors for a close view of the entire cooking process, I'm encouraged to make a hands-on practice---to chop the garlic, which is one of the most prominent ingredients of Sichuan cuisine.

There's arguably no better way to know more about a cuisine than learning how to cook it yourself.

It seems these Israeli tourists are pretty happy with the Mapo Tofu they made.

Of course the museum is not just about the cooking only. A stroll in the spacious compound, I'm attracted by not only the delicate arrangement of greens in the garden, but also the museum's wealthy collection of ancient relics that are closely associated with foods.

Sichuan, in Southwest China, is known as "heavenly country", due to its abundance of food and natural resources. The history of Sichuan Cuisine is vividly reflected through the unearthed relics being displayed in the museum. From dining utensils and food containers, to clay figures of chefs, every item tells visitors a "Spicy story".

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