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Photo exhibit brings Tibet closer to Chicagoans


10:44, April 03, 2012

CHICAGO, April 2 (Xinhua) -- With Monday's opening of "Tibet Today: Sights of Western China" photography exhibition, Chicagoans can find out how fast the region has developed in recent years.

The exhibit features dozens of photographs taken from around Western China, with stunning shots of famous Tibetan landmarks such as the Potala Palace and Namtso Lake.

There are also many photos of present everyday Tibetan life, and some capture region's modernization over the past half century, with both the old traditions and new technology mingling in unique ways.

In one picture, a young Tibetan girl in ethnic dress stands alone in a wide field, but instead of harvesting grain is seen talking on a cell phone.

"The photo exhibit was makes me want to go (to Tibet) someday," Leomar Walker, a college student, told Xinhua when watching the photos.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White and Chinese Counsel General Yang Guoqiang were also among those assembled to celebrate the opening of the exhibit.

"Tibet Today: Sights of Western China" exhibit is being held at the James R. Thompson Center, which houses both the Illinois state government offices, a major subway stop, and a popular food court for Chicagoans on their lunch break.

For this reason the Center attracts a wide range of people on their daily commute, who will all be able to see photos of Tibet through April 6 when the exhibition ends.


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elee at 2012-04-03183.39.36.*
This is an innovative way to break the ices between the West and China about Tibet and other more remote regions of China. It must be promoted vigorously without ‘fading effect’ for at least another decade to realise the aim of educating the western folks, especially the younger ones and noisy US Congressional adult politicians! But please do not forget about promoting the same in Asia, Arab world, Latin America and Africa too!

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