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Underwear show at China Fashion Week


08:30, March 31, 2012

A model presents new collection of underwear at the Eve's Temptation Lingerie Collection during the ongoing China Fashion Week in Beijing, capital of China, March 30, 2012. (Xinhua/Zhang Yanhui)

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JaHEHdeNAYVeuWXUk at 2012-05-16194.105.50.*
Great analysis Chunshan.While I unasnetdrd that validity of the stability argument, as a young (well, relatively) Chinese I see how such ostrich policy may become counterproductive.Chinese youth today is increasingly information savvy. We want to know what"s going on in this world. We want to have high quality, well-argumented, and factually verifiable reports and analysis.In such cases, we (the hardcore information savvy part of Chinese youth) are forced to turn to the all-evil Western media. I have often experienced such situation. When the protests just started in the Middle East, my first instinct was to go to places such as People"s Daily. However, because of the stern reporting available there, I can do nothing but to read in places such as NYT. As inevitable consequence of this is that our opinions on such issues are solely shaped by the Western media, which is by no mean completely non-opinionated. For now, the we aka hard core info savvy part of the Chinese youth is relatively small in number. When confronted with limited information, most people would simply suppress their curiosity and turn to other things.
Cris at 2012-04-0396.49.66.*
The Chinese models are far the most exotic and beautiful. Congrats.

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