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Russia Tourism Year in China contributes to bilateral ties

(People's Daily)

14:59, March 26, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The Russia Tourism Year in China opened on March 23, 2012 will provide thousands of Chinese people an opportunity to understand and approach Russia, Russian people and Russian historical culture and open the prelude for the China Tourism Year in Russia in 2013.

Some grave bilateral exchange activities including China-Russia National Year and China-Russia Year of Language had laid solid foundation for China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of cooperation.

In September 2010, the presidents of China and Russia had announced to hold the Russia Tourism Year in China and the China Tourism Year in Russia. The 2012 Russia Tourism Year and 2013 China Tourism Year will further boost the exchanges and understanding between peoples of the two countries.

China and Russia, two neighboring countries, have a long history of exchanges. They devoted a great deal of enthusiasm on holding the China-Russia Tourism Year and developed a detailed plan on tourism promotion and investment, perfection of tourism security cooperation mechanism and promotion of local tourism cooperation.

During the period of the Russia Tourism Year in China, China will hold 121 events and Russia will also organize a large number of activities to introduce high quality tourism resources to Chinese people. The Tourism Cooperation Forum, “thousands of people traveling in Russia,” tourist trains, chartered airplanes and other colorful activities participated in by the high-level officials of the two countries will greatly boost the people-to-people exchanges and promote the friendship between the two peoples.

We expect a great success of the Russia Tourism Year in China and also look forward to a success of the Tourism Year of China in Russia in 2013.

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Let the years of tourism be not just slogans but opportunities to boost relationships and understanding.From Russia with love

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