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Shanghai Boosts Image in U.S. Sister-Cities

By Huang Wei (People's Daily Online)

10:35, March 23, 2012

The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and Houston Chief Development Office signed the Memorandun of Exchange and Braodcast Promotional Videos in Houston City Hall on March 22th.

Project of exchanging and broadcasting city image videos openes a new model of international inter-city exchange

On March 22th local time, the images of the Bund, Lujiazui, Xintiandi and other iconic landmarks of Shanghai appeared on the electronic screen of a visitors' center in Houston, United States, capturing the attention of passers-by. Meanwhile, the electronic screen at George R. Brown Convention Center, a public television channel and two mainstream websites ( and simultaneously broadcasted the Shanghai promotional video.

Since Shanghai and Houston signed a Memorandum of Cooperation on April 1, 2005, the two cities have jointly carried out projects in various fields including the economy, trade, technology and medicine.

Recently the two cities started the cooperation in cities' image communication. Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association have consulted and reached agreement with relevant departments in Houston.

The Information Office of Shanghai Municipality and Houston Chief Development Office signed the Memorandum of Exchange and Broadcast Promotional Videos in Houston City Hall in the morning of March 22. Under the agreement, Shanghai will also broadcast Houston's promotional video on electronic screens in Xintiandi and Xujiahui Stadium. The video will be also broadcasted on the International Channel Shanghai and two websites ( and official website of Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, and will last for a period of six months based on the principle of reciprocity.

Shanghai’s delegation also signed another Memorandum of Cross Promotion with Chicago city On March 21 in Chicago, United States. According to the agreement, the two cities will exchange and broadcast each other's videos via various multimedia channels including electronic screens and television media started from May this year.
It is reported that Information Office of Shanghai Municipality will continue to work with Shanghai Public Diplomacy Association to actively explore and expand this new model of global intercity exchange.

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